Will There Be a Night Mode for Apex Legends? It Would Be Nice, but Not Really


Over the past few months, we’ve seen quite often Apex Legends night mode suggestions.

Apex Legends currently offers gameplay only on a full, sunny day. Players based on other Battle Royale productions propose to introduce the day and night cycle to the production of Respawn.

Only, would the night mode make more sense?

Night mode in Apex Legends

The imagination of Apex players has been re-ignited by the proposal of one of the Reddit users. VooDsXo has created a concept that shows how the time in Apex could change.

Of course, this is not the first and probably not the last proposal of this type. And while it looks great on graphics, it raises many questions.

For example, the issue of some prominent skins that would be much more visible at night than others. In addition, we have a shot effect in Apex that would probably make us completely unable to see who we are shooting at.

These problems can be bypassed. The only question is whether this is really something that Respawn should currently lean on – altering the effect of a shot, or cuticles and other cosmetic elements. The game seems to be not worth the candle.