We Learned the Details of the Shaco Rework! It’s Supposed to Be as Strong on AP as It Is on AD!


Riot disclosed all information about the rework that one of the characters will pass.

Shaco was talked about in the context of major changes, now there is open mention of the rework. The character has changed a lot.

As Riot Games writes, some players may complain about individual changes, but this is a good opportunity to completely change the hero and refresh his skills. Developers encourage testing on PBE, where the new version of the character should appear “soon”, probably tomorrow.

Rework Shaco

One of Riot’s employees has now shared the tested changes that we will probably see in patch 9.20. As he writes, the current goal is to create the right mechanics, only later developers are to deal with the numbers.

The goals of the rework:

  • Shaco as the whole hero should be stronger to be able to compete with opposing heroes before
    • A hero’s power can be gained by weakening his late-game
  • The skillset should better support AD and AP Shaco so that neither version is worse than the other

Passive ability

The liabilities are heavily changed. Riot adds two new effects to it when attacking a target from behind. The basic attack deals an additional 10-30 (scaling to level) (+0.1 AP) damage. According to tests on PBE, damage (Q) can be critical.

(Q) Trick

The general goal of the changes is to make the skill a functional combat tool at the first level, but it would be worth raising it.

Therefore, the duration of invisibility has been changed, the cooldown has also been changed, and its cooldown reduction has been removed completely. The damage dealt was also increased and the AP converter removed.

(W) Surprise toy

Riot wants Shaco to have a larger jungle clean AoE. Therefore, the ability now affects all nearby targets. Both target and AoE damage have been changed.

Poisoned Daggers (E)

This skill should be useful throughout the game by increasing damage. Therefore, the damage is changed from physical to magic, Riot also changes their numbers. The finish changes its mechanics from basing on missing health to leaning on goals below 30% of life.

Hallucinations (R)

Now the special skill will be just as strong on builds under AP and under AD. Mini-surprises take the target immediately, deterring opponents from the place of the clone’s liquidation. Riot reduces damage, while the entire effect of the explosion is to be stronger.

When will we see the new Shaco?

Riot Games

Riot all the time mentioned update 9.20, while looking at the number of changes, its release time may be longer. In addition to the mechanic, Riot is also looking closely at the numbers, and probably there will be changes in this topic.

As Rioter writes, Shaco is expected to appear on PBE today.

Riot closed the fan project

Riot also surprised yesterday with the closing of the fan browser simulator project in which we could create and manage our team. It was something really cool, while the author received a message from the developers to rather roll up the business.