Riot Games Hires Another Employee for a New Game!


Riot Games is looking for another person to a new game, this time the email leaked!

Combat games producer Mike Zaimont shared an email from a company representative, giving him tips about the future game of Riot or Tencent.

New game

In a message to Mike, Rioter stated why he was writing to him, according to them he is an experienced game designer, and the studio wants to create a game with amazing combat and social experiences. The new Rising Thunder title, because it will be called the work, is no secret, but the company has bigger plans! Further, in the message, we can read that the studio has huge plans for this title.

You will play a huge role in the future of studying in many games and you can probably have millions of players!

The list of Riotu games has increased after the recent appearance of TFT. However, let’s consider that this is just an addition to the League of Legends client, and the company is planning something much, much larger.

Riot is looking

Although Mike finally rejected the Riot offer, it clearly shows that the studio is currently looking for people experienced in creating fighting games. Probably soon we will see a flood of new people on Twitter, whose descriptions will refer to Riot Games.

The studio is currently owned by Tencent, which, according to rumors, is investing in new areas of computer games with an emphasis on fighting games. Their productions originally created for the Asian market are also to appear in Europe.

At the moment, however, no additional information was provided regarding possible dates and details of the upcoming prime minister.

Maybe soon there will be more leaks again. We can only wait!