Riot Does Not Give up and Presents the Next Changes Sylas

Riot Games

Sylas has already been changed for some time. Riot does not want to let him go and presents more ideas.

Sylas can be said to have recently caused Riot the most problems when it comes to League of Legends balance. For several updates, the hero receives changes that are either undone or modified.

Now one of the Riot employees admitted on Reddit that this is not the end, and the studio has further plans.

Riot employee revealed that the studio is trying to do everything really slowly in this case because of the lack of certainty whether even small changes will matter on the professional stage. What is currently being tested?

  • Armor: 32 + 3 / lvl -> 28 + 2 / lvl
  • Passive damage:
    • 9-60 + 100% total AD + 20% AP (half damage against minions that are not the main target) -> 9-60 + 110% total AD + 20% AP main target and 40% total AD + 15% AP for other purposes
    • Range: 400 -> 350 to better match visual effects

Riot will continue to watch this hero closely. The Worlds 9.19 update is ahead of us, which is extremely important.