Riot Closes the Fan Design of the Browser Simulator 2 Days After Launch


The project that popped huge popularity now had to be closed.

MyLolSim was a really interesting and innovative project. It was a browser simulator of running the League of Legends team. Everyone could create their players that they managed. We chose specific parameters and our own preferred compositions.

Players faced other players, and the project gained tremendous popularity in dozens of hours. So large that the owner of the simulator had to buy better servers (we know this pain!).

It was something unique that allowed us to create bizarre compositions and fight other players. Eventually, even the finish line began to form, the first guides appeared on the Internet.

After a few days, however, a sad message appeared on the simulator’s website. Riot Games contacted the author of the site and indicated that it would most likely be closed. The 19-year-old decided not to go to court battle and, as he writes, “do not destroy his life”, the effect was to close the project.

As the teenager said, he has spent a total of 8-12 hours in the last three weeks. It’s a lot of time, but with such things it is better to contact Riot immediately. They spoke probably not because of the evil intentions of destroying someone’s work, but more because of fear of commercialization and misuse of their IP.

“I’m sad, but I understand that if I don’t cut everything that is related to League of Legends, I will have problems with Riot Games. I really like them and of course it’s their property, so I have no reason to argue, “ writes the owner of the simulator.

Good idea, to be used by Riot

The idea for the whole simulator was really good. Perhaps Riot will be interested in such a concept in which you do not have to enter the game to manage the team and fool around a bit. For many people, the project was something really interesting.