Players Accuse Riot of Making LoL a P2W Game. Riot Responds With an Animated Video


The matter is getting serious, more and more people are pointing to Riot’s too much desire to make money at the expense of players.

The whole thing started with a new feature in League of Legends. Of course, this is something that Riot called ” Patrons “. According to many players, this is the first step towards Pay2Win, which must be cut immediately.

Now the case has grown so much that Riot himself decided to respond to the players. Not serious, because it’s an animated video.

Controversial Patrons in League of Legends

LoL patrons are a feature that often meets with negative opinions. The players didn’t really understand why she was in the game at all and why it was to be used.

Olive oil added a post to Caenen’s Reddit, which directly points out problems with the function, even pointing to the Pay2Win thread. In the first place is put the fact that the statistics shown reveal people in the bushes. The skillful use of this opportunity can actually help a lot.

The Patrons’ function is to track the player’s statistics live. This means that in many cases by using some skill towards the bushes we are able to determine if there is an enemy hero there. Just look at our statistics.

Players also provide a lot of solutions to this problem, such as giving players several Patrons for free, customizing characters, or even removing them completely from League of Legends.

Riot responds to the allegations

Riot did not leave the community unanswered. However, we are not entirely convinced that this is exactly what it was about. The studio decided to make an animated video emphasizing that payments in LoL have no impact on our game.


The effect can be guessed – the comments below the video were simply turned off. Although the ratio of paws up is quite high, many people probably do not know about the existing situation.

This is not the first situation with Pay2Win

A few days ago, Riot was accused of creating Pay2Win skins in connection with the Project Jinx skin. Players noticed that the hitbox of her special skill is much larger than it should be.

Whether Riot really goes in the direction of Pay2Win you have to assess for yourself. The patrons will continue to be controversial, mainly because it is a profit-oriented function. Only, are you sure you can pull it under a clear advantage?