Overwatch Rialto Map Mapped in Minecraft!


Great reproduction of the Rialto map in Minecraft!

Minecraft after its revival ( Minecraft breaks records. After 8 years, 112 million people play a month ) goes to other productions. Among others, on Overwatch, which players map the Blizzard title in the block version.

One of the Minecraft builders decided to map Rialto from Overwatch into Minecraft! How did it work out?

Despite the fact that the blocks are 8 years old, they are still very popular! One of the builders recreated one of the maps from Overwatch in the title mentioned above!

Even small details are reflected on the map, and everything looks well polished.

The views are really great. Minecraft offers great opportunities when it comes to moving locations and playing different games. In fact, we are waiting for someone to put Minecraft server for Overwatch players, in which we will be able to play modes known from the production of Zamiecia.

You can see all the photos and comparisons on the imggle of the author halvencyon . In total there are 54 photos there, so you will definitely have something to view.