Leaked Challenges of Week 8 and Season 10 of Fortnite! We Will Spend a Lot of Time in the Storm!

Epic Games

Missions 8 weeks of season 10 leaked! It looks like we’re going to spend a lot of time in a storm!

Epic Games adds new missions every week, now thanks to one of the leakers we can learn about them sooner!

In previous seasons we received seven missions every week. Now we get 14 challenges divided into two sections, basic and prestigious, available after completing the former.

Although the missions have not been officially disclosed, we can learn about them from leaks. It turns out that they will mainly concern the storm!


  • Basic Storm Racer challenges
    • Heal yourself in the storm (0/100)
    • Complete a lap on the race track (0/1)
    • Survive the stages of the storm (0/10)
    • Visit the center of the zone (0/1)
    • Land on Harsh Peak, Volcano, and hill with a circle of trees (0/1)
    • Complete a time trial east of Pleasant Park or southwest of Salty Strzech (0/1)
    • Dance on various telescopes (0/3)
  • Prestigious Storm Racer Challenges
    • Deal damage to an enemy in a storm (0/1)
    • Deal damage to an opponent who flies on a hang glider (0/100)
    • Deal damage to your opponent after closing the first circle (0/500)
    • Visit the zone center in one match (0/3)
    • Deal fall damage to the opponent (0/1)
    • Complete a time trial north of the Fortune Pagoda or east of Butny Brzeg (0/1)
    • Dance on various telescopes (0/2)

The rewards for these missions have not yet been confirmed, it is probably 50 stars and 8000 XP for players who complete 10/14 challenges. There were rewards for missions in week 7 and this should not change.

Of course, remember that it is the leakage and challenges that can change a little.