How to Open Annoying Boxes in the Lagoon of Prey? A Simple Trick!

Epic Games

The Lagoon of Prey has a reduced gravity, to open every box, we have to get tired.

As you know, low-gravity spots are bothersome by high and slow jumps, the boxes are placed to irritate us even more! Fortunately, he found an easy way!

Lagoon of Prey is the second place with the largest number of boxes, up to 34 of them can answer there! Unfortunately, due to low gravity, we may have problems opening several. One player, namely Kozaary, found a great way!

As you can see, to get loot out of a tree chest, you must first destroy the car!

Open the second box by destroying the box stuck in the ground.

An interesting way and hard to discover because these things don’t even touch! The first thing that comes to mind is the old mysterious passages from cartoons, where, taking the book from the shelf, a mysterious door opened.