He Won the Game Without Making Any Step in Minecraft!


One of the foreign YouTubers took on an incredible challenge – he did not take any step and won the game!

Probably one of the most difficult and most boring tasks to win the game without taking any step!

Challenges were undertaken by an Internet creator called TheHeightAdvantage and posted a short video of this achievement on the web!

At first, he reinduced the walking keys and then went to action!

Helpful movement was the massacre number of boats, water and faithful little pig Tim!

Of course, in order to start well, we have to meet in the forest, without it we have no chance to build a boat and move!

The next step is to get iron and water, which will help us move even more, and finally, get the pig!

It took YouTuber about 30 hours to complete the task (including beating the dragon). Let’s remember, however, that it was tedious work, requiring proper planning skills and a good knowledge of the game!