Fortnite Players Point out to Epic That Playstation Got Tech Ops for Virtually Free

Epic Games

Fortnite players pointed out to Epic Games that the Tech Ops set went to people from Playstation for free.

Due to Sony’s collaboration with Epic Games, players with Playstation receive item packages from time to time. In this case, for some time these were color-processed items from the Tech Ops package.

Reddit users paid attention to this, and to put it mildly, they didn’t like it very much.

As the user writes about the nickname Alphasilverhawk, the last items for Playstation are a repainted Tech Ops set. He confirms his words with a simple comparison.

Epic Games

In fact, it seems to be just a recollector. Only is this a problem?

Tech Ops at Fortnite

After quickly checking the popularity of the skin on pages gathering information about items in Fortnite, we come to the conclusion that it is not very popular. Tech Ops skins are usually rated at two, two and a half stars on a scale of up to five stars.

Similarly with other items. Interest in the whole set seems to be quite small.