Blizzard Turns off the Paris Map Due to an Error. Shooting Through the Door Resp


Many people will be happy, Blizzard decided to turn off one of the maps.

Paris is one of those less-liked locations. Some even skip matches as they play. Now, these players have reason to be satisfied.

Blizzard decided to exclude Paris from rotation in all modes.

In yesterday’s description of the update (which is not available in Polish) we can read that the map is turned off by an error allowing one door to shoot through the walls at the respawn.

In short, players could eliminate their opponents before the start of the match. The bug turned out to be too severe for a fast bugfix, so the studio decided to withdraw the entire map.

It is not known when Paris will return, but judging by the players’ moods, he might not return to the rankings. Many people are very happy with this “change” and even write that it is the best decision of the whole patch.