Blind Streamer Wins POTG in Overwatch Four Times in a Row!


The blind streamer broke its own record and shocked its fans!

Skillful playing while being disabled can be classified as a great success. How about achieving four POTGs in a row without seeing anything at all?

BlindlyPlaying is mainly a player of other productions such as World of Warcraft. Thanks to a special tool on the laptop next to it, it can also play FPS games, such as Overwatch.

On one of his streams, BlindlyPlaying shocked viewers and scored four games in a row!

Of course, he played Torbjorn, but the very fact that he saw nothing at all, erected a cannon and used super-skills, is impressive.

Second play


and last, fourth

Of course, the streamer is not the only disabled person who plays games. An example would be RockyNoHands, which dominates players in PUBGU playing with their mouths.

We are glad that technology has gone so much that disabled people can also enjoy games!