Which Route on Hanamura Is the Shortest? The Result May Surprise You


Overwatch players often look for alternative options to get to some point.

Overwatch is a game that offers several possibilities when it comes to moving to a designated point. In many cases, we can choose from several alternative options.

One player decided to check which of the two roads on Hanamura allows to reach the designated point faster.

Road to Hanamura

The Reddit user, Owlero, tested two paths from the defender respawn to the gate at the first point. What was the result?

This simple experiment showed how well Blizzard balanced the maps. In both cases, the time is exactly the same and is slightly above 26 seconds.

Of course, it is not exactly the same in all cases, but in many cases, the travel time by different paths will be really similar.

Hanamura’s balance

The issue of Hanamura’s balance was often discussed. Many people think that the location is really well balanced, but only for defenders.


Last time Blizzard gave Hanamura statistics a good few years ago. Then it was proved that the ratio of winnings and losers here is divided practically perfectly in half.