Twitch Recognized the Overwatch Streamer Gym Outfit as Underwear and Gave a Warning


Fareeha Andersen is a very famous character in the Overwatch world. He often appears at various events like Overwatch League.

Recently, the streamer got an unusual warning from, who considered her gym outfit something that should not appear on the streaming service.

It was ultimately about “underwear”, which the streamer decided to reply on her Twitter.

The classic situation for

Twitch repeatedly banished, suspended and warned for really strange things. Now we have another quite unusual situation. Fareeha Andersen was warned for showing underwear. Are you wondering what underwear it is?

Yes, it’s a gym outfit. As a result of showing the outfit, the streamer removed the VOD recording from the channel and a warning was granted.

Twitch lingerie is really a broad concept. In the “Just Chatting” section, virtually every moment a girl sits in the bra and nothing happens. As Twitter users point out:

“Meanwhile on the Just Chatting section …”

Fareeha Andersen will probably appeal against this decision.