Twitch Found Spongebob the Emoticon With Torn Shorts as Unacceptable Nudity


Twitch has been really surprising with her decisions lately and it’s hard not to get the impression that sometimes she is just exaggerating.

Twitch has a very strange, selective streamer policy. Some can easily broadcast in swimsuits, while others get warnings for gym outfits.

Now one of the creators informs about another strange situation. It turns out that Twitch had a problem with Spongebob’s emote.

Twitch removes the Spongebob emote

Streamer with the nickname Shift showed how Twitch sent him a warning and at the same time removed the emoticon with Spongebob. Are you wondering how she violated the regulations? Before that, look at the spongy friend with torn pants.

Yes, that’s exactly the emote that has been removed. Reason? It is intended to contain unacceptable content related to sexuality or nudity.

The case is quite funny, although it shows Twitch’s zeal. Recently, many site decisions seem to be pulled, not to say missed