The Fortnite Playground Will Probably Go Through a Big and Important Change


People involved in searching the game files inform about the change that will probably appear on the Fortnite Playground.

The information is not officially confirmed by Epic Games, so it does not have to be 100% true, but the fact is that people dealing with leaks on a daily basis inform about an important change that the Playground would undergo.

The playground is an important part of Fortnite, allowing you to fool around with friends without many purposes.

Information about the Playground was to change in API Fortnite. FireMonkey reports that it will soon allow this game to play attention … As many as 40 people at one time.


This is definitely a big change, which should give a nice shot to this form of entertainment. Recently, something has changed in this mode, but until now it was not clear what exactly was going on.


At the moment, it is not known when we would see these changes and how they will be announced. Perhaps they are some kind of preparation for even greater mode changes, which once was the entertainment center of the Fortnite community, and today are a little forgotten.