Should Overwatch Get Rewards for Inviting Friends to Play?


In Blizzard games and more, players receive cosmetic rewards for recruiting others.

Blizzard, for example in HearthStone, is constantly running a program to recruit friends to play. We can get a new character or set of cards for inviting people to the game.

Something like that has just hit World of Warcraft with the same pattern. We invite someone to play, we get rewards for it.

Would such a thing make sense in Overwatch?

These types of systems are mainly used in free productions, where you do not need to perform many complicated activities to collect rewards. However, WoW is a paid game, and yet Blizzard decided to introduce the “Recruit a Friend” system. Overwatch players almost immediately caught up with the topic.

Could it work in Overwatch? Yes and no. Knowing Blizzard, Overwatch players would receive a spray and maybe a player icon for attracting new people. Rather, this would not affect the popularity of the game. It could look different, however, if some unique skin was at stake.

Overwatch, however, is a big expense. $ 40 is not 12 (per month, but still a lot less), as in the case of World of Warcraft. The prizes would have to be really Cossack, well thought out with specific thresholds to beat.