Sandy Is a New Brawler at Brawl Stars. New Skins and More!


A new update took place yesterday at Brawl Stars, introducing, among other things, the new Brawler.

Brawl Stars is still doing well when it comes to phone games. Yesterday’s update video came first on YouTube in terms of popularity in the games category.

A new Brawler and new cosmetic items were shown yesterday.

New update in Brawl Stars

Yesterday’s “Brawl Talk” revealed, among others, a completely new character called Sandy. As the name implies, the character attacks with sand.


In addition, three new skins have been announced:

  • Pirate Jean
  • Sleepy Sandy
  • Red Wizard Barley

Customizations will also get El Primo and the skin of summer Jessie, who now shoots among other sharks.