New Weapons and Animations Have Leaked That Will Appear in Season 3 Apex Legends


One player has discovered completely new weapon animations and more!

One of the data miners involved in checking game files has discovered something interesting and surprising at the same time!

And this is not about wastewater in the Vistula, but about new weapon animations and a few other elements unearthed in the game files!

One user posted a video showing unreleased weapons along with reloading animations as well as character dialogues.

These are Archer, Sidewinder SMR, EPG-1, Charge Rifle, R-6P Softball AAGL, Volt, as well as animation for Data Knife and Hack Data.

Some may be relics of Titanfall, but it looks like some will be introduced in Season 3!

It looks like Season 3 will bring a lot of new things, but remember to treat everything with a grain of salt. These are just leaks, not confirmed information!