Minecraft Breaks Records. After 8 Years, 112 Million People Play Each Month


Minecraft is experiencing its second youth, and Microsoft boasts of numbers.

Minecraft exploded again in 2019. Good updates and of course recording of the game series on PewDiePie added to this.

Now Microsoft has really good reasons to be satisfied. More people play in their production than in other popular games.

Originally Minecraft was released in 2011 on personal computers. Then consoles and telephones joined. The best Minecraft times are attributed to 2011-2013, where many creators created all kinds of content on Youtube or on Twitch.

However, the game has returned with double strength. According to the latest official information, approximately 112 million people play a month at the MC. For comparison, it is 30 million more than Fortnite (data from six months ago may be out of date), or in Roblox.


Minecraft is currently at the top when it comes to Youtube content. By browsing the tab at the time you can come to the conclusion that people do not play anything else. On twitch it looks a bit worse but still very good. Here the MC is in 8th place.