Mechs in Fortnite Can Again Be Disabled by Errors

Epic Games

They may or may not. Fortnite players again about mech errors.

Mechs are an inseparable and very controversial part of the 10th season at Fortnite. They have recently been disabled for technical reasons. Now players on Reddit are showing that everything is still not as it should be.

Currently, the biggest problem is the situation when the player can not get out of the mech, as a result of which he simply dies. One of the Reddit users with the nickname dragster2701 showed this in his clip. See for yourself what exactly is going on!

As you can see, the error causes liquidation and worse, it can not be avoided in any way. The moss just blocks and doesn’t let you go until it’s destroyed.

Then something very strange happens to the character himself as if he was laying on the ground. This looks like a serious mistake not only with the mech but also the character model. It takes a while for the character to be eliminated for good.

What’s more, this also happens in other modes than normal ones. As a result, the character is often simply not reborn.

Will the mechs be turned off?

Of course, there is a chance that the mechs will be temporarily disabled again. Currently, however, there is no such information from Epic Games.