LoL Is the Only Game That Hasn’t Lost Viewers From TOP 5 on Twitch


League of Legends is doing really well. This is shown last week on

A small number of game developers provide statistics on the number of players on servers. Hence, for some time popularity has been determined, among others, by the number of viewers on Twitch.

It turns out that the statistics for the last week on the streaming platform show something very interesting when it comes to LoL compared to other top games.

LoL was the only one who did not lose but gained viewers

It turns out that in the TOP 5 games, only League of Legends did not lose their viewers, but still gained them. We don’t count “Just Chatting “, so we have titles such as 


As you can see, everything has fallen down. World of Warcraft will soon leave first place as more and more developers have just finished playing the Classic version. Fortnite has fallen naturally, season 10 is not among the strongest stages of Epic Games production. GTA 5 lost 12% of viewers in the last seven days, while CS: GO scored a fairly large drop of nearly 38%.

The only thing that has gained viewers is League of Legends. This is an increase of almost 5%.

The popularity of League of Legends is still high

League of Legends holds up really well when it comes to popularity on the internet. It looks a bit weaker on Youtube, while on the Twitch platform it is still at the forefront. You can see that the 2009 Riot Games title still has a lot to show.

All this despite the recent negative feelings of players regarding even Patrons or event passes.