Is Overwatch Worth Buying in 2019?


Is it worth buying Overwatch?

We asked this question almost every year. Today is the time for another news from the series, is it worth putting the cash in the Blizzard title.

The game went on sale 3 years ago, it has grown a bit old and according to many people it is no longer the apple of heaven.

I have always said that Overwatch is one of the best games for new players. If you are wondering whether it is worth buying OW in 2019, then the answer is very simple – it’s worth it.

Production for new people is simply brilliant. It offers lots of heroes, lots of maps, game modes, and functions that you won’t find in other games on the market. Every few months interesting events take place here, during which we receive:

  • Returning game modes
  • New cosmetic items such as skins, emotes, play presentations, player icons and graffiti

In addition, new heroes and new maps come out from time to time. The game undergoes constant balance changes, thanks to which it stays fresh all the time.


The plot, such as animated films, comics and stories are also a nice touch. Although nothing new has come out for a long time, you can still get caught up in the plot aspect of the game.

So why is Overwatch referred to as “Dead game”?

Overwatch currently doesn’t offer much when it comes to old stunners. Events are repeated, skins do not do such a frenzy anymore, and new heroes are cut off from even the plot, which was an important element of Overwatch.

The creators did not cut off the power but hung Overwatch in a state in which the game is simply stuck. It does not attract new people but also does not lose current players. For new people, however, this will not matter and will be guaranteed good fun for several months.