Ghost Pistol in Battle Royale Would Make Sense? An Idea for Halloween in Fortnite


Players on Reddit suggest adding one more weapon from the Save the World mode to Fortnite Battle Royale.

Many weapons in Fortnite passed between modes. We often had a situation when a gun or shotgun was moved from Save the World to Battle Royale.

Now an idea came from the players themselves to transfer the so-called Ghost Pistol.

The gun itself is really interesting and it would definitely stand out from the rest. As the name implies, its bullets and appearance resemble ghost motifs.

Why missiles? These have special power to pass through the walls.

At first glance, the weapon is completely unsuitable for Battle Royale. After all, her missiles can calmly eliminate someone who stands behind the wall he erected.

Yes and no. The shells themselves are of the “Projectile” type. It means that their flight is really long. Players propose it to be 1/5 sniper rifle speed with a maximum range of 50 meters. It would definitely be an interesting addition.

  • Epic / Legendary
  • Shooting speed: 2.5s
  • Ammunition in the magazine: 6
  • Transfer time approx. 2 seconds
  • Damage 35/38
  • The time before the ball falls: 25 meters

The concept itself is really interesting, because the weapon does not destroy the structures, but only has the ability to fly through them.