Fortnite Created a LEGO Rocket. Other Works Confirm That LEGO Fortnite Is a Good Idea


Another proof that LEGO Fortnite would be something brilliant.

Several computer games openly collaborate with LEGO to create ready sets. One example is Overwatch. The game from Blizzard received characters from the block’s version, but also full seats.

Fortnite players have been proving for some time that Epic Games production themes would also be of great interest.

Egrand57 Reddit user has posted a photo of his rocket he created in connection with the return of the rocket to Fortnite. How did it work out? Judge for yourself:

Really cool Many people write openly, whether on Reddit or on Facebook, that LEGO sets from Fortnite would be of great interest and would be a nice change from the already tired figures. Who would not like a golf cart on their shelf, for example?

You can also create people, it is made to special order for one of the players: