Creepy Riven Boost in Update 9.19 PBE. Players concerned!


Shocked players are surprised how Riot Games studio could come up with such an idea.

Riven was getting ready for a powerful buff in update 9.19 for PBE. The League of Legends community approaches these changes with great reflection and is surprised that Riot came up with such an idea to strengthen her special skills. Fortunately, the changes were undone in time!

In the beginning, we should emphasize that this is not only about ulta, but also about the whole buff, which is really controversial and definitely stands out from other changes.

  • (IN)
    • AD converter changed from 100 to 130%
  • (R)
    • Damage changed from 100-200 (+ 60% ad) to 150-300 (+ 90% ad)
    • Finish reinforcement changed from 0-200% to 0-100%

Meanwhile, the Ulta version on PBE would increase its minimum damage numbers to 150/225/300 (90% bonus AD) and stop the maximum damage (at 75% missing health): 300/450/600 (180% bonus AD).

In addition, her W would get additional damage from 100% bAD to 130% bAD!

Although Riven has recently been tested by Riot, it looks like the latest changes would make a huge deal of confusion. Strengthening Riven’s super ability would allow her to deal massive damage regardless of the amount of opponent’s health, and an additional 30% bAD on “W” would be just a great addition.

Do you sometimes look at someone and think what’s on his mind?

Riot Games has already made several serious slip-ups this year when it comes to character balance. Fortunately, such changes were not allowed on test servers, only undone.

As one of the main Riven said:

All they have to do is return her 2 CDs on E and 11s on all levels of Q.

This would bring back power to good mains who know how to use skills correctly and when to knock.


Let’s hope that the aforementioned changes are just a small breeze from Riot Games. Judging by the reactions of the community, the developer has made a good decision to undo the changes!