There Is a Completely Different Storm Mechanic in Chinese Fortnite, but We Will Never Experience It

Epic Games

In the morning we published information about the possible training mode. Now we know a little more.

We already know that Chinese Fortnite is completely different from what we know and there is no need to pay too much attention to it. Features known in that region will probably never hit the version of the game we know.

Therefore, news about the Chinese version should be treated as a curiosity, not something binding.

Different storm mechanics

In China, players have slightly different storm mechanics. Under the normal stripes of life and armor there is one more, especially for the storm. How does it look like?

For what? Good question, that region is characterized by really strange mechanics that we will never experience. In this case, when the counter reaches 0, the character is knocked down.

If you see something like this somewhere above, you can consider it not as a preview of a new mode or mechanics, but simply something special, prepared only for China.