The Bug with Avoiding Dancing in Lepki Laska Will Be Fixed Soon

Epic Games

The player has found a way to skip the sticky dance!

Players expected the return of Sticky Forest. Epic Games complied with the request, but it had to add a few oddities. As a result, every now and then we have a fiesta there during which players dance and are resistant to damage.

How not to get carried away with a taco?

Sticky Lasek returned to the game in Update 10.30, but “Taco Time” was introduced along with him throughout the seat. He forces everyone to dance every minute. Looting is hard, and even longer fights are harder, but there is a way.

One player has found a way to skip the dance! All you have to do is put Launch Pada and the ceiling above it.

Despite the fact that we cannot hurt anyone while dancing, skipping this activity can give you a big advantage.

Bug fix soon

This is an error that should not occur in the game. Its use is not necessarily fair to other players. Although this does not give you a physical advantage, it allows you to properly position yourself to fight.

Fortnite developers already know about the bug and soon there will be a bugfix, removing the possibility of skipping Taco time.