Returning Spots. Should They Be Ordinary Or With Peculiarities?

Epic Games

Returning seats in season 10 are something brilliant. However…

Returning seats are a really good idea. Many people have remembered great times thanks to this. The only question is whether in the coming months the motive should be maintained in the same convention?

It’s mainly about why the locations must be spoofed. The Reddit user nickname Fosteroid writes openly:

This new and innovative idea would allow players to enjoy the return of locations without unnecessary mechanics!

How would that work? Simply put, the seat would be restored without low gravity, building and shooting restrictions, without zombies, without dancing and Prop Hunt mechanics.

Two camps

This idea divided the community.

  • According to one group, restoring locations without variety would be boring and without much sense
  • The second part of the players think that Fortnite does not need such weirdos to play really well

We are curious what you think about this subject!