Grandmasters Beg Blizzard for a Hard Mmr Reset in Overwatch


MMR has been demanded for a long time now. Is there any chance at all?

The issue of Overwatch ranked games will never be left alone. We write about a really large number of games and in none of these situations.

What exactly are we talking about? Players indicate that many people are not in the rank in which they should.

Grandmaster shows gameplay from his match

The main problem of current rankings seems to be people who went to some rank for example 10 seasons ago. In this case, they are probably exactly in the same place a few months later. Sometimes they lose, sometimes they win, but they have roughly the same number of points.

Of course, this is quite a simplification, because there are cases of sudden decline and a sudden increase in rank, but as MEGA MEGA believes, the MMR should be reset.

As you can see in this shot, the player on Orissa completely does not know what is going on and why. This is not an isolated case, there are many more votes confirming MEGAMEGA’s position.

It’s difficult to say if Blizzard will do anything about it. Certainly it would be good to look at the case, maybe once again adjusting the MMR and the whole system of selecting players and matching them to specific ranks.