Blizzard Has Shown That He Has Nothing but the Overwatch League


This is probably the final proof that only the Overwatch League counts for Blizzard when it comes to any esports competition in Overwatch.

To play in the best Overwatch league in the world, you have to go the right path. It starts with Open Division games, which in turn lead to the Contenders League.

It turns out that Blizzard this year decided to give players as a reward for losing the entire season … Player icon and spray.

Icon and spray for Open Division

If you play the whole season in one line-up, you will receive a sweet player icon from Blizzard and spray for the collection. How do they look?

Certainly Blizzard cannot be denied that they are cute. However, this is probably not what players expected to reach the highest goals.

It can be compared with the rankedy rewards. Players are supposed to play for the sake of pleasure, not for prizes. Of course, the whole environment didn’t like this approach.

Laughter behind the scenes has already begun, such as a sketch of a page on Liquipedia (a site that collects information about players, tournaments).

Others point out that the Open Division will interfere with major World Cup games and events like BlizzCon.

The mood in this more professional part of the community is very tense. It is hardly surprising, unless everyone expected support for scenes lower than OWL, once again disappointing on Blizzard’s attitude