Apex in a Nutshell: “Double XP Weekend Starts, Don’t Wait, It’s Not Now”


Apex Legends is really a very good game, but people are watching over it … Well, sometimes behaving strangely.

Apex Legends has really strange creators who score unusual mishaps. A good example is a weekend with double the experience.

Like nothing, yesterday there was information about the start of several days with additional XP points.

“Oh no, not now”

Several dozen minutes after the official announcement on Twitter, the creators remembered that this is not now. As a result, a correction appeared:

According to unofficial information, this was due to a bug that caused players to be thrown out of the game and not scored. The second version is the stare of the creators and a mistake in announcing the term.

Corrections have appeared on reddit that it is not now, that it was not the case, it is difficult to understand them at all.