A New Character Is Coming to Apex Legends. Trailers Appear on the Map


In recent days, Apex Legends players have been able to observe various forms of announcements.

The community speculates that we are just before the next legend will be released in Apex Legends. According to all information, now is the time for Crypto.

In this regard, really interesting things appeared on the map.

Tablets with a mysterious process appeared in various places. Everyone was waiting to reach 100% and perhaps a new legend would be announced.

Unfortunately, after several dozen hours, an eloquent inscription “Attempt Failed” appeared on the map.

It gets really interesting because the files appear completely new things. Some try to decipher them on their own, just like the Twitter user RealApexLeaks. He indicates the connections between messages and actions undertaken by Respawn.

It is not yet known when we will see Crypto and whether it is about it. However, something is definitely starting to happen.