Epic Games Is Probably Working On A New Mode, Maybe Training

Epic Games

One of the people searching the game files indicates that Epic Games may be working on a new mode.

The first information about a possible new mode appears. At the moment it is difficult to determine exactly for what purposes it was created and whether it will appear in the game. It is possible that they are some scraps of information from something completely different.

Fortnite training mode?

The mode is very interesting, but it is difficult to comprehend at all after the description itself. It shows that it carries completely new mechanics for Battle Royale, such as the signal zone. In our opinion, it can be used as a training mode. From the description:

  • Discover the signal zone:
    • The lower the signal, the more damage the enemy attacks
  • Divided into four stages: None, Light, Medium and Heavy
  • Replacement for damage caused by the storm in Fortnite [for training modes]

All of this is accompanied by graphics with information about the signal (bar at the very bottom).

Experience points are normally due for playing this mode.