Will Fortnite Players Be Able to Impose Other Blocks?


Is a new code reminiscent of a lock message has been added to the game?

Interesting code has been found in the game files, it may suggest adding a new global voice chat function or other tools!

Update 10.30 – Marsh Rest, Sticky Babe!

Strange game code

The game has probably added the social lock feature. No one knows how it works yet, but there is a lot of speculation.

This is the code:

Further, we can read such information:

  • An active social ban
  • Chat disabled due to social block

From the content, it looks like a message to the banned. Now we have to ask ourselves two questions, what can the blockage relate to and who will it impose?

Here you will also find several theories, the most popular of them:

  • Epic Games plans to add global chat, which is a rather poor and unlikely idea.
  • The blockade will affect your friends – if we report someone for vulgar language in private messages, Epic Games will check the messages and impose a penalty. I wouldn’t believe that much either.
  • The third option looks reasonable, namely, a panel will be added to the game allowing players to be locked on custom! By creating a custom, we get the opportunity to kick players from the server or permanently block! Also, a posthumous panel can be added (something like reports) that will allow us to block the player.

Probably soon we will see what kind of blocking this is and how strongly it will affect the game.