Skin Suggestions For Starting Cooperation With Nintendo Switch


The official premiere of Overwatch on Nintendo Switch is ahead of us.

On this occasion, quite a few sets of skin suggestions that could appear in Overwatch as part of Blizzard’s collaboration with Nintendo have appeared on the web.

It would be pretty cool if we got some challenges or new skins soon. It’s been boring lately.

Skin suggestions

I think everyone associates the concept of Waluigi X Moira. Get some Blizzard moves and skin ready:

The second suggestion is already very clear references to Nintendo.

Finally, Donkey Kong Winston, which unfortunately has a lot of suggestions and concepts, but most of them have terrible resolution. However, you can see what the author was thinking about.

Do these skins have a chance to come in? Recently, we wrote about it a little longer and the most. However, they would have to undergo a thorough transformation and probably be strongly changed to Blizzard standards.