Should Players Keep Some Ulta After Being Killed In Mysterious Hero Mode?


The proposal that has already appeared in the past is now coming back again.

Mysterious Heroes mode is one of the most interesting modes we can play. The Overwatch community suggests to change its rules a bit.

It’s mainly about a special skill that now disappears after the liquidation of our character.

Preservation of parts of ulta

According to the game community, it would be nice to keep not even the full charge of the special skill, but at least some of it. A Reddit user with the nickname Homo-Homie writes:

It seems to me that it would be a better experience if players kept some of their ulta charge when they were reborn. Dying as a Streak with a 50% charge would cause rebirth as someone else with, for example, a 25% charge.

So after falling, our ult would keep some percentage of charging from above. In this case, 50%.