Fortnite: TEC Restored! Submachine Gun Withdrawn!


There was a change in weapon balance at Fortnite.

Today’s Fortnite update has restored two seats (but changed them strong). In addition, Epic Games decided to introduce changes in the balance of weapons.

Weapon changes

  • Withdrawn from the game:
    • Submachine gun (short series)
  • Restored to game:
    • Tactical submachine gun (Also available at the Playground!)

These are changes that will remain in the players’ memory for a long time. Particularly surprising is the restoration of the Tactical submachine gun.

What else is in the update?

In addition to changing weapons, changed seats have returned to Fortnite. Currently, you can visit Moczary Rest or Sticky Woods.

A lot of cosmetic items have been added that will be coming to Fortnite in the next days. Now you can buy two new products in the store.