Epic Games Is Working On Adding Enemies To The Radar!

Epic Games

It looks like Epic Games wants to add enemies to the radar!

The solution will allow you to track enemies on the radar, which will help us track them when they disappear behind the building.

Will the radar be added to the game?

One of the leakers – players dealing with leaks about the game. He announced on his Twitter that radar is probably underway!

Judging by how this system works in other games, a red dot will appear on the radar when:

  • We will see the player in the field of view and he will be in our minimap zone
  • When it starts shooting in our minimap zone
  • Move

Of course, we can only speculate about the action, Fortnite is not an ordinary game, so radar may not be ordinary.

Player outrage

As with every strange idea from Epic Games, there were many jokes and comments from irritated players. In addition, some of them suggested leaving the game. Perhaps such a reaction from the community at such an early stage of designing new mechanics will give thought to the creators and will move away from this idea.