Will Grace Be Rough, Less Pleasing? First Information About Future Events?


It seems that the first information about future events in Overwatch appeared.

Overwatch players are currently waiting for BlizzCon 2019, where next news will be announced. In the meantime, the first tips on what to expect have appeared on the internet.

It is mainly about grace, which may have been betrayed by a voice actress.

Rough, less pleasant grace?

During FanX 2019, a panel was held in which Overwatch voice actors – Jonny Cruz and Lucie Pohl took part. The actress responsible for giving voice to Grace admitted that it was difficult for her when she had to make Grace a little harder heroine lately.

It was difficult for me because it was rough, less warm. It took us a little more time because I had a problem finding some of her features.

It is not known exactly what Lucie Pohl was talking about. There are two options, or it is about the Black Cloud mission, or indeed the next event, maybe an animated film?