What if BlizzCon Doesn’t Change Anything? Nothing Groundbreaking?


Will Overwatch really be considered a “dead game” then?

BlizzCon has great hopes for future BlizzCon. With the rest, as every year. And what if nothing breakthrough appears there?

What then, if the community approaches it, will the players leave for good?

Nothing groundbreaking than what?

We associate BlizzCon with the Overwatch news package. So a new hero, a new map, a new animated film. This year, however, is a bit special.

Many people are convinced that something else will appear. Something special that will refer to this legendary name Overwatch 2.

Let’s assume, however, that nothing like this will happen. Blizzard announces completely the minimum, maybe a movie, maybe a new map. There are even fears on the net that a new character will not come out then, but will be postponed to the new year.

Bitterness, regret, and anger? The question is how it will affect the number of players. It seems that it won’t really matter. It’s hard to say if someone is waiting for BlizzCon and then will decide about their participation in the Overwatch community. It’s time to find out!