Should Overwatch Have a Ban/Map Selection System?


The topic of map banning options returns from time to time and evokes more and more emotions every time.

The role block made the players who propose the next system introduced to Overwatch. This time it’s about banning/selecting maps.

Something like this was proposed back in 2017.

A system that allows you to select and ban maps

The idea is very simple – give players the option to select in the game menu (before the match starts) the set of maps on which they want to play. Thus, you could turn off for yourself spots that do not suit us.

There are several maps in Overwatch that can annoy you. According to the community, they include Paris and Horizon.

Interestingly, Jeff Kaplan once spoke about the possibility of avoiding selected locations. He stated then that he was not a fan of this solution. At that time, the majority decided that this meant a complete strikethrough of this function.

On the other hand, Kaplan’s words are difficult to take as a 100% determinant of what appears in Overwatch and what does not. Recall that the studio was also an opponent of role blockade.