Lyra in LoL – Do We Know the Skills of the New Character?


A new ADC will be revealed tomorrow!

According to leaks, we’ll get information on the new ADC tomorrow! Will they prove right?


His name is Lyra. Her role is shooter, and in tradition, she is an engineer Zaun. The weapon she produces is a combination of hextech-zaun technology and a handgun that fires energy beams. The ray acts like her Q, in which she shoots while moving in one direction (something like Lucian’s super skill mixed with Vel’Koz, of course, less damage and unable to shift the ray). Tiki beams are increased with attack speed and scaled using AD + AP. Her W is a passive three-weapon weapon that wears out when a ray hits the target, causing the ray to deal with additional burn damage. E is a bubble shield that increases movement speed, reduces spell damage, and shield damage will refresh its super ability up to a point; E has a long cooldown,

Her super ability is the second Ultimate to load in the game, which means that the longer you hold R to the maximum before releasing, the larger and longer the beam is. Like Lux, but with some delay on the beam. It’s very vulnerable when charging, so it’s easy to kill. The laser leaves a path that slows enemies passing through it for a few seconds. We don’t know if you can use W while charging, but you probably can. Passive skill grants her greater adaptive damage, the more times she increases her W with Q.