Leaking New Championship, Victorious Skins and for 10 Years!


Leaked data on new music skins and Championship.

Data on the latest skins have been published on Reddit, but it is not known whether they are true.

Championship skins

  • Championship Sylas
  • Victorious Kai’Sa – does not match the championship, but we hooked it up here.

A new line of music skins

The author is not sure of the name but is certain of the character

  • Taliyah (Singer, Shakira)
  • Qiyana (Rapper, Cardi B)
  • Ekko (Rapper, Bad Bunny)
  • Illaoi (Dancer, Lizzo)
  • Yuumi (Manager)
  • Qiyana Prestigious Edition

We will see if the leaks are real soon.