Jankos Is Looking Forward to Playing Against SKT T1 at Worlds!

Jankos poses for the camera before the Team Ice Vs Team Fire game in the Legend of The Poro King game at the League of Legends All-Star Event, at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain on 9 December, 2016.

Jankos is eagerly awaiting the match against the world-famous SKT team!

The well-known Polish player Marcin Jankos Jankowski is eagerly waiting for Worldsy and the match against SKT. He said he’d like to take a picture with Faker.

Awaited meeting

As revealed by Marcin, SK Telecom T1 is a team that is waiting impatiently. One of his plans is to take a photo with a central lane star – Faker!

Faker wants revenge on G2 for eliminating his team from MSI. The meeting (if it happens) can be very interesting!

Marcin had a great opportunity to take a photo of himself on MSI, which he did not use. It is explained why:

During MSI, I didn’t want to take a photo of him because I felt it would be wrong to beat him, and before the match I felt that it might give him an advantage because he might think that the opposing forester was his fan, which would give him extra strength.

He also adds a few words about his plans for Worldsy.

Maybe this time at the Championships I will be able to take a picture in front of the groups, but on the other hand, if we move to the semi-finals and have to face the SKT, he will still have this mental advantage in his head. So I don’t know if it’s worth taking a picture with Faker, but if I could, I’d do it because I’m still a big fan of it.

Jankos’s plans and way of thinking seems very interesting and confusing.

It’s not just about Faker!

Faker is not the only player Jankos eagerly awaits for Worldsach! As he said himself, he would like to face Jungler SKT T1 – Clid again. Marcin considers him a very good forester, but he bets on declaring his rival!

G2 we wish you success on Worlds and look forward to sharing a photo with Faker!