Apex Legends With Box Versions From October 18 for 89 PLN!

Apex Legends

Our information turned out to be a hit. The box version of Apex Legends has just been officially announced.

As we were able to determine, two editions of Apex Legends will be available for sale:

  • Legends Edition Lifeline
  • Apex Legends Edition Bloodhound

Both will contain unique skins for the characters named, themed cosmetic items, and Apex coins.

Apex Legends boxed versions

The box versions will cost 89 zlotys, regardless of the platform. Of course, you’ll be able to purchase boxes for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Lifeline Edition

  • The legendary “Guardian Angel” skin for Lifeline
  • The legendary “Guide of the Dead” skin for Flatline
  • The unique “Winged Guard” banner
  • Unique badge “Angelic paralysis”
  • 1000 Apex coins

Bloodhound Edition

  • The legendary “Bully” skin for Bloodhound
  • The legendary “Supplier of Wrath” skin for Prowler
  • The unique banner “Devil to me”
  • The unique “Tormentor” badge
  • 1000 Apex coins