Mordekaiser Should Get a New Skin Soon!


Mordekaiser will probably get a new skin soon!

Mordekaiser is one of the heroes who have been waiting for the skin for the longest time, he has not received it for over 1500 days. It looks like it’s finally coming to see!

Mordekaiser will get the skin?

As Riot Bellissimoh informed in one of his comments on Reddit, work is underway on a new Iron Phantom skin! In addition, its theme allows you to create a whole bunch of concepts and choose the best. It looks like we should be looking forward to a new look soon!

Players did not wait for a long time, they themselves gave several suggestions, here they are:

  • Battle Boss Mordekaiser
  • Elderwood Mordekaiser
  • Worldbreaker Mordekaiser
  • Bug Lord Mordekaiser

We are waiting for leaks!