League of Legends Viewership on Twitch Is Increasing!

Riot Games

League of Legends attracts viewers again!

All League of Legends statistics has increased over the past month on the Twitch.tv streaming platform!

Statistics are rising again!

According to one of the pages for tracking statistics on the Twitch.tv platform, the Riot Games studio is doing very well!

Time spent in front of the screens increased by 17%, which is a significant jump, and the number of people who simultaneously watched all broadcasts was a maximum of 650,561! Which is a jump of over 118%! Not only have the statistics of viewers increased, but also streamers are more likely to broadcast the game. Broadcasting time increased by 9.1% and the number of streams jumped to 186,451 (increase 5.4%)!

Increase at the expense of Tactical Skirmishes.

League of Legends statistics are rising, but Teamfight Tactics is losing popularity.

As we wrote in one of the articles, PT lost over 60% of viewers and 50% of broadcasters. It doesn’t look too good for this mode, but it’s better for the official game.