Interesting Concepts for New Theme That Riot Is Keeping an Eye On!

Riot Games

Riot Games loves to introduce various, interesting and sometimes shocking ideas for skins. There will probably be more of them!

Who would expect a pink killer cat or undertaker in a cat costume? It looks like we will see more of these skins!

Ideas for a series of skins!

As the producer from PIE recalls (Team responsible for the players’ ideas), he is delighted with pink Rengar. The same idea fell on Anivia, who is also to become a pink warrior! There are more ideas for strange skins. Here are some of them:

  • Power Rangers
  • Super Sentai
  • Vampire Aatrox
  • Darkin Lulu
  • Darkin Nautilius
  • Santa Teemo
  • Devil Yuumi
  • Skarner is a crab
  • Caveman Trex Rider Kled
  • Warwick Velociraptor
  • Porkpie Rammus

Of course, it is known that all ideas will not be implemented, but they will probably inspire the creators for various interesting combinations. For example, Kled looking like the first man riding a dinosaur (as we know, there were no people then) could look interesting! The same goes for Sejuani.

One thing is certain, however, in the future, we will see various amazing and climatic skins!